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Meet just a few of our Influencers

Mark Romano

Naturopathic Physician

Sally Griffyn

Spiritual Business Coach









Renee Rotkopf

Creative Life Coach










Sara Landon

Transformational Leader, Channel of The Council











Boni Lonnsburry

Conscious Creation Expert

Sharon Plache'

Intuitive Healer and Coach









Linda West

Law of Attraction, Mayan Calendar Expert














Devorah Spilman

Master Storyteller












Susan Shatzer

Consciousness Revolutionary

Edward Jackowski

CEO of Exude Fitness









Jill Jardine

Methaphysical Teacher









Lori Zeltwanger

Myofascial Release Leader









Mary Ann Robbat

Master Energy Healer

Mike Murphy

Best Selling Author, Coach

Julie Schiffman

Expert EFT Practitioner

Katherine Koroll

Life Coach







Carol Fitzpatrick

International Intuitive Leader

David Solomon


Hope Fitzgerald

Coach, Healer, Infinity Wave

Lauren Galey

New Earth Ambassador







Michelle Giliberto

Intuitive Healer

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